Live algorithms improv night

Sat 14th April – Watch the promo video

For our opening concert we’ve recruited three very different musicians from the top of their respective scenes:

  • photo of bellatrixBELLATRIX is the number one female beatboxer in the world. That’s an official title – from her wins at the world beatbox championships – but it’s also true of her many live performances. She leads the soulful vocal group The Boxettes, who push the boundaries of what is possible with the female voice.
  • photo of chimp spannerCHIMP SPANNER (Paul Ortiz) is a progressive metal guitarist, combining heavy guitars with ambient textures, electronica and melodic elements. Ortiz is a pioneer of the underground Djent metal subgenre.
  • photo of finn petersFINN PETERS is one of the leading flute and sax players in the UK today. His widescreen approach to composition and improvisation comes from working with some of the last decade’s most progressive artists. In 2009 he won the Radio 1 Worldwide Awards “Best Session” category and was runner up in the “Best Album” category.

These three amazing musicians will be working with SuperCollider coders to produce new semi-improvised performances, in which each of them performs live on stage in collaboration with computerised music algorithms. The algorithms will be listening and reacting to the performers, and the performers will be reacting to the algorithms.

What will the music be like? No-one knows. Neither Bellatrix nor Chimp Spanner has jammed with an artificial intelligence before – it’ll be different from their usual shows…

The concert will be in the evening of Sat 14th April, at Bar&co in central London.

TICKETS: Entrance is restricted to people holding full-week sc2012 tickets, plus a VERY LIMITED number of one-off tickets available here:



Thanks to the PRS Foundation for New Music for funding this new collaborative work!


The term “live algorithms” was originally proposed in 2004 by Dr Tim Blackwell and Dr Michael Young (Goldsmiths, University of London) when setting up the Live Algorithms for Music network with support from the EPSRC. This special event builds on ideas and approaches they developed within that network.