Thanks to everyone who came to sc2012 – it was amazing.

Click here for lots of great photos of the SuperCollider Symposium. Below is a small selection of photos by various people:



SC2012: Club Night - Mico Rex

SC2012: ixi lang workshop

SC2012: Bellatrix

SC2012: Finn Peters SC2012: Chimp Spanner

SC2012: Live Algorithms Concert

SC2012: Keynote - SuperCollider Speed Code challenge

SC2012: Art Exhibition - Setup

SC2012: Art Exhibition

SC2012: Alo Allik and Yota Morimoto

SuperCollider Symposium 2012 conference group photo

(Photo credits: see alt tags for authorship, and/or click through to see further info such as licensing. Photos in this post are by Toby Harris, Steve Welburn, Alex McLean.)