Automatic remix competition – the results

A few weeks ago we announced a very special automatic remix competition. The music is made by computer algorithms, and the music is judged by computer algorithms.

Thanks to all the humans who submitted remixes. The automatic jury has analysed the results thoroughly, and we can now announce that the remixes which each win a Novation Launchpad are:

  1. Kiti From Occupied Europe by all n4tural (score 6.8534449359781)
  2. SC2012 (troubldnimphormx) by Csaba Fejes (score 6.7808411884803
  3. Meister Submarine Remix by A Burke (score 6.5278883416132

(The competition was also covered by the BBC: Cowell v Computer article and also full audio coverage of the announcement on the Click radio programme [1st May episode, starting at 12m45].)

As you listen to the remixes, you might like to contemplate the future of fully automated music production and consumption:

See also Chordpunch’s announcement, which includes Nick Collins’ slides describing the algorithmic jury.