The SuperCollider Algostep Remix Competition

To celebrate the SuperCollider Symposium 2012 we’re announcing a very special competition about music and code. Music made by computers, for computers. A competition for dance music producers and hackers everywhere.

Here’s the deal:

(1) Chordpunch artist Kiti le Step has put the source code online for their latest generative algostep production. It’s SuperCollider code which you can run to generate a new random track every time.

(2) We want you to remix it. You have the choice of:
(a) Remix the code – take the source code, fork it, hack it, change it beyond belief, take it in whole new directions.
(b) Remix the audio – if you’re a music producer but not so much into the code, take these stems (ZIP file) (also on soundcloud) and remix them, however you like.

(3) Nick Collins has convened a panel of fully algorithmic music critics to judge the entries. Kode Fine, Critex and Judge Rules are respectively from the dubstep, over-commercialized-dubstep and generally-overpaid-DJ communities and will determine the amazingness of each entry using a proprietary amount of artificial intelligence. The panel are entirely automated and will not be wrong.

(4) Novation, who make lots of lovely music kit, have kindly offered three Novation Launchpads as prizes.

Novation Launchpad

(By the way, at the symposium, the Modality workshop will teach people how to connect Launchpads and other hardware up with SuperCollider.)

The deadline for entries is 1st April.


* Please submit an audio file of your remix using our SoundCloud dropbox before 1st April 2012, and make sure download is enabled (if we can’t download it, it’s not eligible!). You can submit code too but it’s the rendered audio file that will be put in front of the critics.

* Please include your name, your producer pseudonym, and country with your submission.

* One entry per person

* All copyright material (sound samples etc) must have clearance. By submitting, you are warranting to us that your work does not infringe any third party’s rights.

* For the purposes of judgment and prizes, we do not mind if you are remixing the code or the audio. Feel free to post your work publicly too. (Note that the code is open-source, so if you publish your tweaks then that’s open-source too.)

* Winning entries will announced at the SuperCollider Symposium in mid-April 2012, and the winning entries will be put online.

* The automated judging panel’s opinion is final.


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