Call for participation

SuperCollider Symposium, London April 2012: call for participation (deadline 16th Oct — NOW EXTENDED TO 30TH OCT)

The SuperCollider Symposium is an international event for musicians, artists, researchers and coders working with the SuperCollider software. It features a technical conference, introductory workshops, and a diverse programme of music and art.

The next SuperCollider Symposium will be April 12th–19th 2012, in London.

We invite submissions of music, artistic works, talks, and workshops. Submissions will be peer-reviewed, and should be submitted by:
* Submission date: 16th Oct 2011 — NOW EXTENDED TO 30TH OCT
* Notification of acceptance: 2nd Dec 2011

The Symposium will be hosted at various venues across East London, by QMUL Centre for Digital Music, Goldsmiths Digital Studios, City University Centre for Music Studies, and other partners. All concerts, performances and exhibitions will be open to the public.

Further details for submissions (plus submission instructions, at the end):


Conference talks are invited on topics of SuperCollider-related research, technical development, or artistic/musical practice. (Note that submission is by abstract only, there are no full papers.) Some examples of subject areas include:
* Audio/music synthesis
* Interactive sound and music
* Machine listening
* Generative sound and music
* Artistic developments
* Teaching and Learning
* Creative Collaborations
* Extending SuperCollider
* Using SuperCollider with other environments


The symposium will feature a club night in an East London venue. Therefore we’re calling for submissions of music for dancing to. Acts can be any style, but must include some substantial use of SuperCollider.


City University London in partnership with Plus-Minus ensemble ( will host an evening concert of musical/sound works in City University Performance Space.

Works may fall into two categories: 1. purely electronic/electroacoustic/acousmatic, or 2. instrument/s plus live electronics. Available instruments are clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), violin, and piano (doubling accordion). All works must include some substantial use of SuperCollider.

Technical specs:
8-channel loudspeaker ring with subs, plus on-stage stereo pair. Alternative loudspeaker configurations may be possible.


The exhibition programme at the Symposium will be hosted at the Art Pavilion gallery (Mile End Park, London E3 4QY) and in the adjoining Arts Park, which features a small lake island. We seek proposals for works small or large, which may be exhibited in the gallery space and/or the outside space (lake, island, bridges). Proposals which make use of the outside area are particularly encouraged. Works must include some substantial use of SuperCollider.

Exhibition venue information:
* Webpage for the Art Pavilion (inc floor-plans): <>
* Map showing the building, the lake and the island: <–>
* Photo inside gallery: <>
* Photo of the lake+island, with the gallery behind: <>

Please ensure that you include information of the space and materials required for the work.


Workshops will be held Sat 14th & Sun 15th April (at Goldsmiths), for beginner/intermediate-level users. We seek people who would like to lead a workshop – workshop leaders will be given free admission to the Symposium. Workshop themes can be general (e.g. Introduction to SuperCollider) or can cover specific topics, but please target the beginner/intermediate level. Examples of workshop topics:

* Sound synthesis
* Live coding
* GUI programming
* Interaction with live instruments
* SuperCollider for research


If you would like to propose some other event or feature of the symposium, please do – giving as much information as possible.


Please email your submission to and include the following information:

* The type of submission (concert / talk / club / installation / workshop / other)
* Name
* Title (of piece, of talk, etc)
* A description or abstract (no more than 500 words).
* Any specific resources requested (e.g. materials, performers)
* For music/audio, an audio recording can be submitted to soundcloud dropbox <>, or you can provide a link to an online recording. It is not compulsory to send a media file, but it will help your submission.

Any questions? please contact or tweet @scsymposium.